Biophysical basics bioresonance methods

Scientific knowledge in the field of physics in the last 90 years has been so expanded that are difficult to accept, and even more difficult to use in our everyday life. Bioresonance method is one of the very successful attempts to transfer this knowledge to medicine.

Biophysics has set itself the task of using the latest findings in quantum physics to biological systems. With further research we will clarify and understand more.

A) The components of our world

The Universe consists of space, time and energy. From the standpoint of physics can each observation described as the interactions among these three elements. Thus there is no space and energy are present everywhere force (method manifestations of energy), such as gravity.

B) The frequency range of photons

Or photons. electromagnetic waves exist within the enormous frequency range.

Two types of variations

Basically it performs energy in the form of wave packets, – that is continuous. These energy packets are labeled as quanta. One quant is in the smallest possible amount of energy.

Even here we have our idea that matter is something hard to repair. Male balls – called electrons, which would like planets orbiting the Sun, does not exist. In fact, this is more or less closed wave. Matter as a concentrated form of energy therefore oscillates. Depending on the structure of matter itself, this strain specific range of waves.

Oscillation is a force acting on a given equally to returning interval. Fluctuations (wave irradiation) are able to transfer to the particulate matter attached or not. Sound waves, electrical alternating currents and waves terrestrial earthquakes are typical representatives that need for its expansion of matter as a medium.

In contrast, light, radiation, and electromagnetic fields are independent and need no particulate matter as a medium of transmission.


The research structure of the universe – which particles and forces there – play exactly phenomenon of resonance big role.

To be able to resonate – the return echo – observed, it is necessary to volatility encounters a system which is able to oscillate (resonator). The essential feature of the resonator is therefore the ability to store a swing power.

If this corresponds to the frequency, phase and intensity, the resonator is stimulated – and starts the exchange of energy. If the energy is continuously supplied, increases natural incentive in the system itself. As a result, the resonator stimulated oscillations can often be greater than the size of privedenega fluctuations.

C) The electromagnetic control of the organism

Based on the assumption that the chemical properties and bonding processes are monitored and controlled by electromagnetic forces, then you can transfer the operation of the biological systems.

Basic mental concept BICOM bioresonance therapy is the existence of a dominant energy field with electromagnetic properties.

This parent electromagnetic field is located in and around the body and there like all electromagnetic fields with the square of the distance decreases. Electromagnetic forces are superior biochemical process, so they control and regulate. Thus, we have the ability to detect changes in the electromagnetic field, even before these changes manifest as an illness on a physical level. In summary, we have in the body following control mechanisms: first 1. own cell control second 2. control at the level of tissues third 3. nervous system 4th 4. The endocrine system is the fifth 5. The solenoid control and regulation level therapeutic approaches exist in the body at different levels: first 1. The level of electromagnetic second 2. The power level of the third 3. humoral level4th 4. biochemical level of the fifth 5. The mechanical level , however, the electromagnetic field can hold only organisms but also any substance. Because of these bases may also fields of external substances used in bioresonance therapy that could reduce allergies and toxic load.